Travelling to India - January 26th till February 16th

Hey all,

so i just booked my 2 tickets,
26th of January to Bangalore
16th of February from Mumbai back

i will have a scheduled trip for a wedding from the 26th till the 5th with travelling in Tamil Nadu and our hotel is based in Salem so that stuff is sorted for the main part.

now comes the part where i ask you all for tips on both beer and touristy stuff:
5th till 16th ; i am going Solo travelling a bit.

my plan current plan is taking a few days to Agra for Taj Mahal and then going to Mumbai and explore that region though i will have to delve deeper into the stuff for the trip.

hopefully anyone has some tips for either Bangalore, Mumbai and Agra region (New - Delhi)

ALSO if anyone know where to get the meme, the myth, the legend of KingFeemer that would be great


Look at @explosivedog ratings for India. He hit up a bunch of brewpubs in Bangalore recently

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On greater Delhi - Agra was a hell hope last I visited, so outside of Taj Mahal I would not have high hopes.
Haryana was the first state in India to allow brewpubs, hence Delhi suburb Gurgaon(/Gurugram) is host to perhaps the greatest density of (miserable) brewpubs on the planet. Worth visiting only for the sheer number of them, although by choosing carefully you can find some sort of decent ones.
When I last visited Delhi proper was just opening up for allowing brewpubs. I hold it for likely that a lot has happened there. Faridabad on the Agra side of Delhi also has a couple of brewpubs, for the ambitious ticker.


Been to India twice but did almost no beer stuff. Visited Delhi, Amhmedabad, Mumbai, Kerala. The one beer place I visited was one of the Doolally taprooms in Mumbai. It was quite decent, IMO.

As for touristy stuff, we did a variety of things. We had a tour guide and hired car, which made it pretty easy. The Taj Mahal was quite impressive, also recall enjoying the Agra fort. Mumbai has some really nice areas.

@nate2g do you still check RB at all?!

@SVD I might suggest you reach out to RB user nate2g (Nate Ross). Not sure he’s still checking RB, though, so maybe try LinkedIn or Facebook. Nate is an old-school RB guy who, I believe, now oversees a selection of brewpubs in Bangalore. He could be able to give you some good tips, I would imagine.

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The Biere Club, was the best place I found in Bangalore:

I did a great bar crawl in Hyderabad the following day, which was a better location I think for craft beer, especially around Jubilee Hills, The Hoppery was great, and I think I went to 4 or 5 other bars and brewpubs, most of which I added to the site.

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Nate Ross is head brewer at Alchemy in Bangalore, an awesome brewpub on the roof of a fancy hotel. It’s Australian-owned, and he oversees brewing at several other breweries they own around the city. There is an awful lot of really bad beer in India, but Nate can steer you to some pretty solid places in Bangalore and around the country. He’s on LinkedIn, and he is @naterooz on Insta.


Hi all thnx for the replies and tips.
Currently wainting in Zürich for my transfer to Amsterdam.

130 new brews from around 30ish breweries.
Had to add quite some new ones.

Glad they do mini tasters of two decent sips otherwise i couldnt do so many xD

Can only say Bangalore is now the hub for indian craftbeer, found 4 breweries i didnt have time to visit there.