In October I am visiting Travemünde for the first time. There is nothing on it’s page.

Is this a mistake, or is there nothing of interest beer wise in the town?

I can always get a train or bus to Lubeck if I have too.

<*))))))>< is quite useful for info as well.

Not sure there’s too much out that way. There is a brewpub in Lubeck which is pretty nice and some others up towards Kiel.

Cheers Dave, I’ve had the book a number of years, but I have never visited the website before.

My road trip to Berlin has been planned with the help of the book too.


The website has just been updated after a break but is useful if not particularly well laid out. A map would be great on there to assist.

Berlin is excellent. Plenty of good places, trad and more modern. Enjoy!

Love Berlin, even if the new beer scene is expensive compared to the old days.

Lived there when the Wall came down in 1989 and revisit every two years or so.


In Timmendorfer Strand the guys from Sudden Death Brewing are based.

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Will be trying their beers this weekend at the rather more Southern Craftfest in Stuttgart.

Thank you for that, this gives me another option while in Travemünde, although their only bar is in Lubeck.


Citti market, just outside Lubeck had som ok beers in a shelf. Good to stash up if traveling with car…

On a cruise ship, so will have limited time and no transport. I hoped there would be something near the port. Looks like we will get a bus or train into Lubeck and drink there.


Quite a few Lubeck places shown on (whispers) Untappd, including Brauberger, which is the brewpub mentioned above, and bottle shop Craft Beer Rockstars ( Nothing in Travemunde though.