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Travlr at 30k

If he’s travling, then I’m sure knots is the best measure. Nauty nauty!

Now playing “Careful with those ticks, Eugene”…


Nice work, Gene!


Cheers!, hopefully one day our paths will cross…


Congrats Gene!


“I hope I never get to 25,000,” he says wryly. “That would be spending too much time on this hobby.”

Cheers Gene! Safe travels around the Carribean and hopefully see you soon somewhere in Europe again :slight_smile:


Congrats! :smiley:

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Congrats Gene.

Welcome to the clube

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I can honestly say I have had the pleasure of meeting him face to face in dah burgh!

A true ratebeerian!


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To many more :beers::beers:

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:+1: always fun to share a beer with. Nice!
cheers john


Looks like on his way to 30k Gene broke Ratebeer. I get robot every time I try to visit his profile. Sign of times I guess.

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Same here…I was just curious about his Caribbean travel but…I can´t access to his profile…The same “robot error” is happening to me with other ratebeerian profiles.

I can’t access my own profile either. Maybe I have 60,000 by now - but I doubt it, I’m in the Caribbean.
However, I seem to be discovering new breweries here left and right - one of which wasn’t even on Untappd! So there you go…


Yeah, yours brings the bot. I clicked on a few others’ and they worked fine.

damn, I’m cursed

Or are you in fact the bot? Has anyone seen Gene and the bot in the same room?

Is this like those old arcade games that glitched out if you got too high of a score?

I think you get reset to zero and you have to start all over again. Sorry Gene!

it does seem that way

You can at least make better choices the second time around.

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yeah, I’m finding some awesome beers and breweries in the Caribbean. I just need RB to work well enough for me to enter them all…