Travlr going to Ontario and Quebec

Hey guys, I’m just copy and pasting this post this for @Travlr who can’t log into forums. Beer mail him to respond, though I think he can see responses here, just may not be able to respond given state of website. Not sure if @lubiere or @Viper666.Qc are around in Ottawa/Montreal. Anyway, here’s his message:

I’m planning to spend the middle of May to middle of July in Ontario and Quebec, trying to visit every coolship and/or brewery that uses spontaneous fermentation. Looking for travl advice (beery and non-beery), festivals, general areas to stay in or avoid staying, etc. And of course if you want to meet anywhere for a beer just beermail me.

Here’s a quick sketch so far, and I’m only planning things about a week ahead, so I have lots of flexibility:

  • a week or so in the St Catharines & Kitchener area: Bench Brewing, Reverence, Block 3 & West Ave Cider
  • I’ve been to Toronto a dozen or so times so I’ll skip the two coolships there and head to Sawdust City in Gravenhurst
  • a week or so in Ottawa (non-spontaneous beer)
  • couple weeks in Montreal: Trois Mousquetaires, and I’ve never been to the city
  • couple weeks in Quebec City, never been there either
  • finishing up at Pit Caribou’s brewery in L’Anse-à-Beaufils and pub in Percé

I’ll look for responses here in the forums, but if you contact me directly I can send you more specifics, including my Google maps of the coolships.

I’ll spend the rest of July-Aug-Sep in New England, maybe looking for ice ciders along the way.

Thanks solidfunk for posting this, sorry I can’t post to the forums (even though I can log in to the Places section).

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I can post! And I’m in Cambridge for the weekend but heading to Scotland today. Ontario, that is.
Next week Gravenhurst then Gatineau/Ottawa for a week. Then Montreal

Finding new coolships periodically. Reverence Brewing in Cambridge uses la methode traditionelle and their beers are delicious

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