Travlr is coming back to DC!

Not the man, but one of his beers is going to be back on draft at Bluejacket on August 23rd.

Join Bluejacket on Friday, August 23rd as we renew our vows to Kelsey & Greg’s Wedding Ale. On this night, we’ll pour something old (vintage beers), release something new (cans), serve something borrowed (Red Apron) and toast something Blue(jacket)!

We kick things off with 3 NEW cans, plus limited edition glassware and t-shirts. The list of cans includes Kelsey and Greg’s Wedding Ale 2018, a Sour Blond Ale with peaches; and Caribou, a peanut butter cup-infused Sweet Stout.

Next up, we’re bringing back 5 OLD favorites from our vintage cellar, including kegs of Blue Monday 2015, Travlr’s 12K 2014, Fields of Friendly Strife: Apricots 2015 and more.

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I wonder how many customers will get the reference. Six?

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That being meant as a slight to Ratebeer, not to Travlr.


Isn’t the 23rd a Thursday?

Good catch. It looks like they screwed up the description text.

Everything points to it being next Friday.

Must be to kick off DC beer week? Has @Travlr been notified??

watching from a safe distance. would like to try the 12k with 4 years on it, I only have one bottle left. But I’m at the High Country Beer Fest in Boone next week, then headed back to Europe for beer fests in Dublin and Bratislava, plus the RB Vienna gathering. Retired life is rough

Sometimes i wonder how your liver is going to survive retirement :smile::smile:

no need. my grand plan is for all my organs to fail simultaneously on the day of my death. the problem is timing their gradual demise. no sense dying of a heart attack with a perfectly normal liver. waste of an organ

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You are clearly not a donor, @Travlr

no I lived in England during the Mad Cow outbreak so they won’t let me donate anyway. they can have my car and my beer glasses when I die…


I too have Mad Cow in me (or did I marry her?)