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Treat RateBeer staff like waitstaff

There are lots of irritating bugs. In response some of us are getting downright nasty and insulting to RB staff. And then bitching because there’s no response! Consider that insulting behavior discourages responses to us, because we often just respond with more insults. Patience and kindness people.


My apologies.

Your title says it all

Enter a brewpub and the waitstaff totaly ignores you for minutes - hours - days - weeks.

There are bugs on this site and they are getting worse:
The current problem with staying logged on is the current - and so far the worst example in my opinion

How long will you tolerate to be ignored ??

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If I’m ingnored for too long I move on to next Brewpub and it takes an awfull long time before I concider going back.

Did that answer your question?


That was the point i was going for.
Thanks for making it real clear.

I take my apology back. I just logged in 7 times after i was logged out 8 times. This is silly. I thought not being able to use the search bar on the main forums page was low budget. Holy crap!

It’s really strange how some of us are different - and in different ways. Today- I shopped two stores and spent over half an hour looking up beers - no problems on iPhone - then went to Cap Tap and mucked around rating 4 beers - no problems on iPad and putting up a photo in forums - iPhone. No problem whatsoever.

Came home to add a new beer and mess with forums - PC/chrome - got some log outs.

You miss the point. So to go with your scenario -

You enter a pub, do something and yell at the staff in a bad way. They flounder and give a response, and you again yell at them in a bad way. The pub is inanimate. The staff are people. Yell at the pub if necessary, but treat the staff like people.


You enter a pub/restaurant, a legendary, if a bit dusty and run-down place you’ve, say, helped with marketing, beer selection, etc etc, a place you’ve helped build. You order an expensive beer and a steak, you get a supermarket-brand Coke and a tofu salad. The staff, when you get their attention after half an hour coldly apologizes, without heart, and says they’ll fix it… They don’t. The toilets don’t work, all the pissers being inexplicably replaced by bidets, when you complain about that, the staff says you’re just resisting change and that your help was, like, just, your problem basically. They claim things will get better in the future, but every change is for the worse at this point… And you are told, brusquely, that the people complaining are just a huge minority and the huge, silent majority loves it. You never see anyone from that “huge majority” visit though, maybe a few one-time customers… Regular customers depart in anger en masse, some remain, as the bar still has some beers you won’t find elsewhere, and, well, some great people still go here, even though it’s a mess.

Months later, you randomly get the beer and the steak you ordered. The steak is burned though… and there you go again. But that’s an exception. People are getting meals delivered basically half-raw, inedible, just to get them out of the kitchen - even though there is no hurry, not from your side at least. Recipes are being revised, staple dishes served in inedible form. People’s pleas and pleas to finish the dishes properly, to just use the old recipes until the new ones are on point, not to hurry before serving them get completely and utterly ignored. Things escalate and staff is partly changed at least - or the most destructively bad ones removed or just told not to speak up as they’re not helping. One at least among the new staff seems to understand, is open to suggestions for fixing things around, even though he’s not really into pubs and all, but does try… You work with him behind the scenes with some things, to create an acceptable dish before it’s served… you succeed and then wait for the rollout - and the day finally comes! You order the dish, and lo! It’s a half-burned half-raw initial version of that dish you spent time helping them develop after tasting the slop behind the scenes, slathered with mayo which everyone specifically told them and begged them not to use, but which they used anyway after saying they won’t use it. All this time some of the less informed regulars and the infrequent users are yelling at YOU because they identify YOU with the place.

Things are generally as a whole getting better over time, in a way, the pissers are back there again, even if they are set up on midget-level, every hiccup has more people leaving, but they are less there. The place generally looks a bit more modern and isn’t as dusty. A bunch of things work and function better than they ever did before, which everyone is appreciative of! But mistakes you think were fixed pop up randomly again at times, then get fixed after a while… before others pop in again. Some key functions that were randomly removed are missing for years now. Still, the guests are getting used to it in general… and now they randomly hire a bouncer and he’s randomly throwing people out, without just cause. Your complaints are completely and utterly ignored for more than a week.

And here you are telling the guests not to be angry at the staff, who’s making the same mistakes over and over and over and over again. People are shouting because being polite got them nowhere. And they are flustered, angry how one can follow every step forward with a step back.

When they do something good, we are very much appreciative. It is NOT our fault that we are “forced” to be angry all the time. Some among us are overdoing it, true, but I’m reluctant to blame them. I see a site I’ve spent thousands and thousands of working hours on being a mockery, never a period without a major problem - and I see an excellent group of people scatter in frustration. It can be avoided. It isn’t being avoided.


How hard would it have been for the staff to acknowledge the problem immediately and at least say they are working on it. Making it their immediate priority? How much bile would’ve remained unspilled? Why is it always the same?


But not to finish this on a bad note - this is how we can actually help each other and be useful instead of just raging or being offended:

Dear users of all kinds:
a) When you see a problem, don’t immediately open a new thread for yourself - look if someone else had opened a thread about it and comment there if such a thread exists - we had at least four threads about login problems, and I’m quite sure that didn’t help. Open it up in the relevant forum board (Website Bugs for example).

b) State which platform (PC (if so, which OS), mobile, whatever) it’s happening on and on which browser (and which version of the browser it is). try to see if the issue happens / replicate the problem on other browsers / platforms you have - write those down if it does as well.

c) State which steps you did to try and remedy that - if you tried clearing your cache & cookies for example.

d) Be CLEAR about what the issue is.

e) Don’t be angry from the first go. Be angry only if the issue is ignored for a while. Then it’s appropriate to riot.

Dear programmers, devs, @services whatever:

a) Please from know on just acknowledge that you’ve acknowledged an issue and that you’re working on it, not saying anything will only create a countereffect and makes you look unprofessional.

b) Open up a direct channel of discussion with some of us users / volunteer staff, who will now be able to relay issues to you directly, without noise and clutter (say, a channel in Slack or something). They will also be able to relay info more easily between the two “sides”, as, obviously, informed mediators are needed.

c) If numerous active users bitch about something and it doesn’t at first, for some reason, seem that important to you, it’s likely (but not 100% certainly) important anyway. May be worth it to say why it might not seem that important to you, but be accepting of what people (hopefully politely) reply. Might be that they couldn’t access the site while it was being updated, might be that something’s actually broken.

d) Do not release new versions of pages without equivalence in functionality. Ever.


[quote=“Marko, post:9, topic:14724”] I see a site
I’ve spent thousands and thousands of working hours on being a mockery, never a period without a major problem - and I see an excellent group of people scatter in frustration. It can be avoided. It isn’t being avoided.

I think we have the forum post of the year, and that just 9 days into 2020! :slight_smile:

I can safely say I’ve rarely been a mockery, at least among people with brain and integrity, so that edited quote is a bit nasty. :wink:

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