Trends of 2019

What are you seeing?
I am seeing a pretty reasonable diversification of style. Bruts out there but losing speed. New school breweries still holding onto milkshake beers, thankfully fading out perhaps overall. More and better lager choices. Hazys still steady rolling, but not with intensity of 2018. Sabro is maybe the only new hop that I can think of that has made much headway. Prices seem to be steadying, at least at stores, maybe a slight increase at bars. More cans, less bombers. International beer scene less and less relevant to the US beer world, other than pushing into it. New beers all the time.

BRU-1 over here too.

In the UK prices are definitely not down
Some of the US exports are ridiculously priced. And that’s one thing I won’t blame on the Breximentalists.

Lots of Golden/Blonde Ales of reasonable quality, from Wyoming. Same with Brown Ales. I’m pleased with that.


yeah, sure. they suck. and they aren’t beer.

Certainly can’t argue that, but they are increasingly all over my local stores’ beer coolers.


Yeah while IPAs and other beers that suffer from room temperature sit at room temperature.


That’s a good point Bill.
But Update: I’ve started to see seltzers in a lot of markdown bins in my area just recently.
Hopefully our “best fresh” beers will soon reclaim that cooler space.

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