Trick: beer names with numbers listed in the good order

Right now, in the Brewer page, when beer name involve numbers, they are automatically grouped by the first number (so 3, 30, 31, 300 will all be listed next to each other).

If you want to make them appear in the good order (1, 2, 3,…30, 31…) you just have to add extra SPACES before the numbers to make them appear in the right order.

For example: space-1, space-2, 10, …

It can be practical especially for brewers who specially name their beers with numbers.

The extra spaces don’t appear in the listed beer name.

(note that those spaces are often the problem when a beer appear in the wrong order, for example if an extra space is added before the brewer name or between the brewer name and the beer name)

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