Trillium PM Dawn - which variant?

Just bought a can of Trillium’s PM Dawn, but without any info on the coffee that was used, the only thing that makes a distinction is the canning date, which is 06/07/18. Any idea which variety this could be?

The descriptions of each of them generally refers to a specific canning date, so you might need to scroll through.

Thanks. Doesn’t seem to be updated much though. I’m assuming it’s the Italian Roast, as it has the most ratings, and it seems to be the most recent. And also it seems to be re-released.

You could also email the brewery or ask the question on the facebook page… alternatively, the instagram feed from around that date might tell you.

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No further information on Twitter mentioned.

I think I’ll drop them a line. The tweet doesn’t have any more info than what’s on the can. Thanks anyways.

Sounds like the brewery isn’t making an attempt to differentiate between batches, so this should go under a “generic” entry. You shouldn’t have to call the brewer to figure out what variant you have… that’s not a reasonable request for an average user.

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Right, but they never did and each batch is different and numerous raters rated multiple similarly nondifferentiated versions…

Good point. There does seem to be a bit of a double standard here. And if the brewery isn’t making the distinction itself, why should we. And how do people actually know?

There’s a chance that when on draft at the brewery the batch variations are clearly marked. In those instances I think it’s fine to have batch variations entered separately.

In contrast, if they’re releasing a product into the marketplace that has no indication of batch variation, then that should be entered under a generic entry, even if someone puts in the leg-work to determine which batch they might have. The brewery is clearly treating the bottled variations as a single product, and so should we.

Ideally this would be something a local admin would sort out, but I think it’s been several years since we’ve had any active users in Massachusetts.

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Wrong… ClarkVV has been active the last 4 years I have been drinking beers with him.
Also, the most current PM to be rated is normally the entry that is NOT retired.

And yes, it is a pain in the ass to figure out the stupid cold brew coffee blends because nobody should have to do a research project to figure out what roast it is.

ClarkVV is the Trillium Admin and has been active for years. He can help you for sure.


There is a note listed at the top of the page for Trillium that says,

“The most current coffee version of various beers is the unretired one. For older bottles and cans see bottle/can date or beermail Clarkvv”

I realize that the note isn’t big and bold and very noticeable, but I don’t have any control over that. I’d like to make it larger so that it’s easier to notice. Maybe this is something that JoeT and his people could work on?
I’m going to edit it to mention the specific beers that are in question.

There I updated it to make it a little more explicit. I put a BOLD tag on it and I think it actually made it a bit larger. I’ll see if it takes a FONT SIZE tag, but I think i tried before and it didnt.

it is the Italian roast.
Clark loves the extra work he does on the Trillium page. (and apparently I am the only person who knows how much work he does do on that page)

if you ever have a question about a Trillium brew, he knows.

Thanks Clark… I remember when I rated this beer I found your note helpful.

Thank you all!

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: