Trim Tab Brewing to Trimtab Brewing name change request

Would it be possible for the Alabama admin (is there even a person doing this?) to correct the name of Trim Tab to Trimtab?

If any help is needed I’d be happy to help if given the clearance to correct mistakes.

Well, they either refer to themselves as “Trim Tab” or “TrimTab”, not “Trimtab”… changed to “TrimTab” as it seems to be the most current usage… they should really fix their own website if they edited their name, it’s “Trim Tab” all over the place.

Thanks for pointing this out! Feel free to send in bug reports, or message me with corrections in the meantime.

I looked at this real quick once I saw it earlier today and also felt they kind of used TrimTab and Trim Tab almost interchangeably, like they either don’t care or don’t know how to use the name.

Thanks for the reply. Yeah, TrimTab was what I meant to type and not Trimtab. Apologies for the mistype on that.

Clearly the website has both spelling in multiple places along with Yelp and a few other listings, but their packaging and untappd data go with TrimTab.

I guess it’s not as a deal as I initially thought, but I thought going off of packaging, it might be better to match it up that way.

Thank you both for the responses!