Trip to California, need hints

hi guys, first time posting something here !

From April 4 to 12 Im going to California (Anaheim, Hollywood, Santa Monica)

I’m from Québec and I wanted to know the best brewery, beers to try and bring back home after my trip. Is there places that I really need to go ? what i don’t want to miss ?.. I’m a fan of barrel aged beer, sour or NEIPA

thank you !

The Bruery is in Placentia (next to Anaheim) and is a good bet for barrel-aged and funky beers. In Torrance, which is South of LA, there is Monkish, which is world class and has a lot of NEIPA. Phantom Carriage is nearby in Carson, which has sours and stuff. Brouwerij West in San Pedro (far South LA) is a really good bet. Mumford in Downtown LA also has good IPA. Santa Monica has a couple breweries but I never visited. They have a nice bar called The Library, which is worth visiting.

Thanks for all the tips! It will be usefull. Do you know anything about Noble Ale work ?

GPS may get confused, but the beer is good and varied, and the food is quite nice.

Nope, I do not really know.

If you are in the area, and enjoy different environments, different beer ranges and good food, think about:

Theme tied to the old comic strip. Food paired with beers. Not a beer snob’s paradise, just fun and tasty stuff.