Triple IPA

Not a listed style here. Seeing/drinking a few more as of late. Been adding them under the Imperial/Double IPA category. What’s a RBeerian to do? Lemme have it!

Pretty sure imperial IPA covers double, triple, quadruple, and so on.


with more than thousand tagged examples (so more in reality if we include those without beer description), I wouldn’t mind making the split.

No. But that’s just me.

So in this alternative universe should double and triple stouts be split also?

Double, Triple Stouts? Hmmm, I’ve heard of Imperial Stouts. 2020 IS an alternative universe. :grin:

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There would be a total of 16 tagged Triple Stout if we added the TAG (if brewers wanted to make the split)…so that’s definitely not a thing like Triple IPAs…

What is the qualitative difference between a Triple IPA and a US Barleywine?

A massively hoppy beer of at least 9.5% ABV with outrageous amounts of dry hops, hop flavor, malt flavor, alcohol and bitterness, without the big maltiness balance of an American barleywine. The Triple IPA may be similar to a Double IPA in hop character, but is differentiated from the style by a thick, syrupy body accented by intense hop resins that make it a heavy sipping beer.


The only difference between a double and triple IPA is that the ABV is 10% or above (maybe 9.5%). There are no consistent style guidelines for it other than a higher abv… kind of like Session IPA. Yes, they may be occasionally thicker or more syrupy but that is secondary to and a product of the higher alcohol.

I for one am against such a split. Imperial IPA adequately covers triple ipa.


That would have been so easier if there wasn’t dedicated SESSION or IMPERIAL dedicated styles but instead that ANY style could be attributed a extra strength profile apart from the base style.

Session-strength or Imperial-strength.

We wouldn’t have the non-sense of having 10 IPA styles but only 2 Imperial IPA styles and 1 Session IPA styles… but we put all Saison, Table Saison and Imperial Saison in 1 style no matter the strength…

The style itself is pretty interesting: Trippel or tripple IPA?

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Nahhhh… that ain’t it, bro.

LOL :pleading_face:

That’s exactly what I was going to say. Even Imperial/double IPAs walk a fine line from tipping into Barleywine range. These even bigger so called Triples just have too much body and big malts to be in the IPA category. Just my opinion.

Personally, I just can’t wait until I can list Sextuple IPA as my favorite style


IPA, DIPA, TIPA, QIPA. I like that , sounds normal.




I think we should plan ahead for the future 1E0IPA, 2E0IPA, 3E0IPA, 4E0IPA, 5E0IPA…1E100IPA