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Trou du Diable vend à 6 Pints (Molson)


Grosse nouvelle, après Brasseur de Montréal et Archibald.

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Yeah, wow. I didn’t see this one coming. I guess nobody knows if the talent is staying on or not yet, huh?

Staying on for now, question is for how long. The brewpub remains seperate from the brewery (they were already two different companies). The main deal is the brewery and the trademark, like seems to be the case so often with these transactions.

Although haven’t confirmed 100% heard two years before key parts can move. Will know more after the Quebec brewers conference in two weeks.


Brasseurs de Montreal is also Molson? And so is Archibald? They seemed more in line with macro-type craft, shamt TDD sold… how has the sale been received in Quebec?

BDM yes, Archibald is with Labatt.

As for how Quebecers feel about TDD, basically it’s a mix revue. One third support them, one third had no opinion and one third drain pour them!

Hehe tu sors ça de où?

La réaction sur Facebook, particuliairement sur la page de Bière et Plaisir.

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