Trouble accessing Ratebeer?

Is anyone else not able to get onto Ratebeer using Firefox? I haven’t been able to get on for a week or two but tonight tried this other browser and got right on. I couldn’t find anything on site news about it. Anyone share my pain, or know of a solution?

I am using Firefox to get the new rating view - list showing whether you’ve rated a beer or not.

Which new thing isn’t working with MS products for me.

I’m on Firefox. No issues currently.

Try deleting all your cookies, that sometimes helps. RB has an annoying habit of sending out a never-ending sequence of spam cookies that it never makes any use of, but they fill up your cookie store, and might end up bumping the ones you actually need out. Anything named “ASPSESSION…” can be safely deleted.

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Thanks Phil, I deleted the cookies for this site and I’m back in business.

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