Trying to stir up more forum activity - Monthly Beer Style

In an effort to get more people using the forum is there any desire to pick a different style (or some theme) each month to “celebrate” or drink and discuss? I know we have a What ya drinkin’ thread but this would be something different. This gives people a chance to drink something they tend to walk past or return to some old standards. Basically, it that gives us some reason to pick up a beer we hadn’t drank in a while or never tried and then discuss it a bit online.

I know the forums are not too active but throwing it out there in case anyone takes the bait.


I think that would be awesome


Good move. Ideas:

Favourite classic beer
Local brewery shoutout thread
Style tribute
Lost Breweries
Aged cellar relics that need an excuse to open

Discussion or drinkalong

Might even take part myself!


Love the ideas, not let’s see if we can find some more people to want to join us.

All great ideas. Id certainly be interested

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Could pick some related #tags and get people to feedback their top 10 #tag stats also, there are alot of tags to choose from

my vote is for best #gluten free

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Excellent idea and sounds like fun!
I tried for a while to stir things up; went nowhere.
So I’m definitely with you!


As long as we start with milkshake IPAs I’m in


Really glad we never made Cold IPA a style, those sure didn’t catch on!

I just had one at a brewery watching US England World Cup match the other day. Should save that antidote for potential thread please ignore. #coldipa4life

There is a tag for Cold IPA: cold ipa Beer List | RateBeer

Currently the top Cold IPA is:

Top Cold IPA raters are:

Top Raters


26 rated

23 rated

20 rated

17 rated

17 rated

I’ve only had the one Cold IPA myself:

Damn you RB trolls and your cold IPA!

Lots of fun ideas and plenty time to try them all. Perhaps starting with something simple for this month? Maybe, some holiday beer? Anything that is named or created for a wintertime holiday? That would be a pretty broad category. More narrow would be a winter spice beer. Or even more narrow would be any beer with Christmas (or similar) in the name.


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Sounds like good plan :+1:

Like Brut IPAs. Does anyone still make those?


Not that I’ve seen and I need a handful more to get 20 of style that I’m trying for each. Athletic brewing I saw on Instagram is realizing a special one but that would get categorized as low alcohol and no use.


Had a couple so far… Don’t mind Christmassy beers, prefer the cakey stuff over the spice-heavy stuff. The Cloudwater cranberry and orange sour is done pretty well… that Brick sour was way over spiced… huge chilli burn down the throat.


Let me start a thread for this month. Let’s see how much action it gets.

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Any ideas for January?

Barleywine or Bocks?

I’m currently ass deep down my (this time of year) coffee stout/porter rabbit hole.
If anyone finds that helpful.