Tuesday Stat help please

I can only use the forums from my phone and I will not be posting much anymore, so someone else will have to take over if you wish them to carry on.

You’ve got a phone now ?!

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Yes but I don’t know how to use it!

It’s very sad that one of our most regular posters is not able to access the forums any more - @joet , any chance of the forum issue being looked into?

@BlackHaddock, I’ll do my best to pick this up until you’re able to access the forums fully again - although it may be a bit less regular. Is there any chance you can BM or post a list of the remaining countries you were going to do?


Thanks @BlackHaddock for the list of countries, I’ll kick this off again soon (will probably be on Sunday nights rather than Tuesdays though).


Goddamn! @joet @services @anyone

Please try to fix this, We need BlackHaddock!

Have you tried changing your browser?

I advised this when I met with him on Wed. It worked for the main site, but not for the forum. Have advised to delete cookies. Did you manage to do it Jeremy?