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Tupper's Hop Pocket Ale returns!

Looks like Tupper’s Hop Pocket is back from retirement:

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What is this?? Some legacy Maryland beer?

It’s one of the OG DMV beers.

I’ll add a little more to what I said yesterday.

Ellie and Bob Tupper hosted beer tastings and beer dinners at the Brickskeller for decades. They worked on creating Hop Pocket back in 1995. In context, this beer would have been a very hoppy beer in 1995. The beer was originally contract brewed by Old Dominion Brewery. When Dominion first got bought out, they discontinued this and a few other beers due to how “expensive” they were to brew.

St George Brewery in VA resurrected it for a short while, but it’s been retired for years.

Favio Garcia was one of the brewers at Old Dominion (who then co-founded Lost Rhino), and is now a co-founder of Dynasty.


Cool, would be interesting to try

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