Tusker - Kenia and Tanzania

As we don´t have a local Africa community and forum I post here.

I had a bottle of Tusker today which my uncle brought back from Tanzania in November. The back label clearly states that it is brewed under license in Tanzania:

So I added it for the Serengeti Brewery, but it obviously needs to be aliased, or? So if anyone please could do this and move my rating aswell?

Tanzania one: https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/tusker/588469/

Kenyo one: https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/kenya-tusker-lager/11012/

Thanks and cheers.

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what exactly do you want - a Kenya tick or a Tanzania tick? :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, actually I dont care, I want it correct in the database even if it is an alias. I have Tanzania ticked and can get a bottle of Tusker from Kenya easily, so I dont mind at all :wink:

we still need to make sure it’s the same recipe though. Anyway, ISO that Kenya tick then :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably not so easy to check the recipe though.

Next time you come to the UK visit any Wetherspoons, most for some inexplicable reason sell the Kenya Tusker

Seeing as they’re both 4.2% Pale Lagers, should the Tanzania one not just be deleted, and assume that the recipe is the same as it’s just crappy lager. People should be just rating the Kenyan one.

There’s some many versions of multiple Pale Lagers that have been added for country ticks or because people didn’t notice there was already another original version on here that we really need a Pale Lager Admin.

That is exactly what I wanted to point out. I assume they are identical.

But in my opinion it still should be in the database because technically it is a beer brewed at another location. So for a correct and complete database it should me mentioned but aliased.


@omhper is responsible for Africa, so if he agrees that it’s most probably the same recipe, then I would be in favor of aliasing as well.

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I agree.

If someone (maybe an admin who is no longer active, or just doesn’t see the beer being added) has done the appropriate research and concluded it’s the same beer, it’s best to make that obvious by having separate listings and aliasing them in my view. Otherwise there’s a good chance it will be added again and it may not be looked at by the same admin so you’ll get someone else wasting time doing the same research all over again.


I agree with aliasing, and all stated above.
However someone beat me to the trigger, as it is already aliased.