Two new RB countries

As a few of you might have noticed, we have added two more countries to the list; Saint Pierre and Miquelon and Easter Island.

Both are added due to geographical separation from mother country (4000km / 3500km), not for political reasons.

Now, let us drink these beers. Cheers!


Great news!!


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I have never heard of Saint Pierre and Miquelon just spent some time googling this odd place. So I’m at least a little more knowledgeable thanks to ratebeer this evening. I’ve looked into cruises that are in this region before but this slipped my radar.

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@omhper Great - more “countries” to hunt down!

I assume the renames to North Macedonia, Artsakh and eSwatini were also done as part of this.

Some minor issues:

  1. The flag for Easter Island is shown as a broken link here and on the brewery page itself:
  2. The flag for Saint Pierre is shown as a broken link here and on the brewery page itself:
  3. The “top beers by country” page does not show Easter Island nor Saint Pierre. E.g.,
  4. The “top beers by country” page doesn’t reflect the newly renamed countries, for example Macedonia and Swaziland still in the drop-down:

Also: ISO! :wink:

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Thanks for renaming those countries!

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that begs the question: Why do we still call Czechia the Czech Republic?

After all, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic officially recommends that Czechia shall be the English translation of the country’s name whenever the official formal name is not necessary. And we don’t call Germany the Federal Republic of Germany either, or Switzerland the Swiss Confederation, or Russia the Russian Federation.


Because Americans would confuse it with Chechnya even more often? :grin:


Looks like the ISO-3166 “Short name” is indeed Czechia:

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Not big beer countries, but since we’re having this discussion:

The Kyrgyz Republic should be renamed to Kyrgyzstan.

And possibly think about changing Kiribati Republic to simply Kiribati.

It’s worth pointing out that the country formerly known as Swaziland is capitalised incorrectly: it should be Eswatini (the English name), not eSwatini (the Swazi name). I can confirm that the country has registered their new name with the United Nations and ISO standards as Eswatini.

It should definitely be Czechia, not Czech Republic (again, as per both UN style guides as well as ISO standards).

Agree here. This was also what was requested. Will follow up.


Agree here. Will follow up.

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Czechia was my proposal too. Can native English/American speakers chime in too? Question is if the short name Czechia makes sense in for those native to the language RB is based on.

Svalbard - new RateBeer country? Why not? We already have Greenland and Faroe Islands.

I did a quick check in my email box since I get tons of travel related news letters, offers, contests etc and all of them refer to it as Czech Republic with no mention as far as I can tell of Czechia. This thread is first I’m hearing of the term. I doubt it would cause me more than 2 minutes of confusion if I was searching and didn’t know though, seems logical enough that people would figure it out. As long they still produce Polotmavy I’ve no problem.

Native English speaker here. It makes sense to me (but then again in the second language I speak the country is commonly known as Chekhiya).

But if Googe Maps - a resource used by millions of people every day - calls it Czechia, then why shouldn’t RateBeer?


Related note: some Czech brewers have started using Czechia on their labels.




Here is a luxury cruise round trip from Montreal that’ll get you this new country tick

I have personally not seen Czech Republic refererred to as Czechia in the British media at all, apart from the articles expressing desire by the Czech government to be referred to as Czechia. Recent(ish) articles include

I can think of a few more faux countries but as a Geography graduate this whole county gerrymandering thing is annoying.

I can see it getting to the point where some Ratbeerians will have to start setting up their own Principality of Sealand-esque states in order to get more country ticks.

That or those Terry Pratchett themed beers count as an Ank Morpork tick.