TwoBeers, Bremen

Is this another beery place in Bremen now closed like Brolters?

I am coming to Germany in October (Covid willing) and Bremen is the last of my destinations (after Berlin and Schwerin). The city is looking like a beer desert on RateBeer, I hope there is something/somewhere to try rather than just the Schüttinger Brauerei and the Craft Beer Bar.

Any help with suggestions when in Bremen would be appreciated. Already going out to Oldenburg to check out OLS.


Danke für die Hilfe.


I am afraid no-one here is an expert about Bremen.

This is what I could find for you on Google which is not on RB yet

There are for sure better locations in Germany, hope you will enjoy your stay anyway :beers:

Thanks for the reply @rauchbierlover. The only reason I am going to Bremen is because I’ve never been before and therefore never reviewed a place there (or Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, which is why we are going there too).

I will try and visit as many places as I can while in Bremen and add anything I find worthy of being on the RateBeer data base.



I’m home from our German trip.

Berlin was Berlin and as always great fun, visited some old favourites and found some new places too.

Schwerin and Wismar are not really beer destinations but we managed to drink plenty of beers while wandering around like normal tourists.

Bremen was hard work. Becks Brewery seem to have cornered the market with their beers everywhere. Bremen bars don’t open on Sundays or Mondays (very few anyway), so we struggled to find any new rates until the Tuesday.

We spent an afternoon and evening at the fest, but again Becks (and some of their friends) monopolised the choices; we did find a bar selling Andechs Double Bock though, so not all bad.

I have now reviewed at least one place in each of the German regions, which was the aim of the trip. I am also 2 Kilo heavier than when we set off. I blame the Currywurst and Pommes we had most days!