Uh-oh. Buxton in trouble…

Crap, that’s a bad one to lose. :frowning:

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Not enough profit in selling at a low cost to supermarkets?

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So much for the exciting next stage of their “beer odyssey”…

Pre-pack sale announced next Tuesday?!

Sad to read. Also sad to read within the article that the Treacle Tap in Macclesfield closed 3 weeks ago. Loved that place when visiting whilst in the area on business back in 2017. Shame I never got to go back.

Oh, no (

Let’s hope they make it through this difficult time. We are losing so many at present. A local brewery to me, Wriggly Monkey gave up this week.

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Now this one would really hurt. Love their beers although thinking about it i havent seen them in pubs very often of late.

This one sucks. They where everywhere in EU at some point, but now are rarely seen… did they over expand or something? I know bunch of locals in Estonia are also either having financial troubles, so looks like wider thing. For example in Estonia Lehe and Sori are going back to gypsy brewing and closing their own breweries. …

They’re one of my favourite breweries, I would be really gutted if this were to be the end of Buxton. Probably one of my most rated breweries as well along with Derbyshire neighbours Thornbridge. I hope a plan can be devised to save them.