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Uiltje acquired by Bavaria

Probably announced this afternoon: Bavaria buys Uiltje Group in Haarlem. Another one bites the dust…


Shit. They are (were?) amazing.

What will I do with the Uiltje sticker on my fridge???

Stick a Molen sticker next to it


Well I will need a de Molen sticker then I suppose.

Sad news, they better carry on brewing some Brut IPA’s - had some good ones from them recently :frowning:


Well, the idea is that Robbert Uyleman can now get back to the creative side of things without the burden that comes with being an owner of a business. And he stated tonight he’s a fan of brut ipas, so there’s hope!


Are brut IPAs still a thing? I thought they’d been extincted!

Why would the State of Bavaria want a Dutch brewery?

Surely there are enough breweries down there already!


PS. Disclaimer; just finishing a 12% ABV Demoersleutel Intergalactic Bounty Hunter!

Some Czech breweries have been pushing them as late as 2020/2021, usually without success. Like they were late for the party and now had to make up for that somehow, and failing miserably.

I like Brut IPAs. Maybe it’s not a style that I’d want all the time but they are a refreshing change from NEIPAs.

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I would say not a thing, and certainly tough to find as such which makes hunting them down more of a challenge, but most that I have managed to find come from Dutch brewers (last 3 were Dutch Bargain/Jopen/Uiltje) and Uiltje been the best/most consistent so far.

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I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve ever heard this phrase :rofl::rofl:


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