UK Admin help please

I had a XT Siamese Fighting Fish at a beer festival on Friday.

The XT brewery page on here has it as Animal Siamese Fighting Fish and at 6.3% ABV:

Mine was only 4.6% ABV and had the following tasting notes ‘A reddish ale derived from a super trendy new Red-X malt used in this brew.’

Do I add it as a new beer as XT Siamese Fighting Fish and ignore the ‘Animal’ version or what?

Thanks in advance.


OK, it’s obviously the same beer: ABV needs dropping to 4.6%.



For reference.

Animal beers are the ‘experimental/craft arm’ of XT and are always added under XT but with Animal as the name and no mention of XT.

There is only a 4.6 % version … I have my own picture of the pump clip from the GBBF listed as such … just an error from a tap list or the like when the beer was added.

X-referenced with Untappd (2 entries for this beer and both 4.6%).

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Cheers mate, the firkin at the festival didn’t have the brewery pump clip or anything, just the festival card with it’s name on and no mention of ‘Animal’ on the programme or card.