UK Admin question

The link above is the only ESB listed for Felinfoel; only one rate since 2014. They are now selling a 4.6% version; just called ESB craft ale (in Lidl).

As the original was 6.5% and had the words Welsh and Thames in the name should there be a new entry?


As it’s more than a 20% change in abv, I would think it’s a new entry - I think that’s the cut off that’s always been used.

I’ve always heard 15% as a general rule for a new entry. Anyways, 4,6 to 6,5 is more than 40% increase, 6,5 to 4,6 is almost 30% decrease. So there shouldn’t be any reason not to add it as a new entry.

Hi guys.
The other day I had a beer by Track Brewing that is not at Ratebeer Database. Track - Spiral´s End (New England India Pale Ale). I can´t found any info aside from untappd poor information (no desription, only 200 ratings, Special release??, no IBU…).
So, may I add the beer with almost 0 info or any of you have more information than me??


I would add the beer with all the information you have even though it isn’t much.

Yeah I’d add it with just that info. Looks correct from the pump clip.
Track are notoriously bad for releasing beers with little to no information other than style and ABV, often not even announced on their social media especially if it’s keg only and no bottles.
If you look through their beers on Untappd sorted by newest release you will see there are a large number of them that struggle to even reach 100 checkins, don’t think many of these are on Ratebeer, looks like a lot of small batch stuff.