UK Christmas Cask Beer Hunting, 2018

I really do not know why I even try some of them, because they are always crap!

So far this year I have had the list below (will rate them soon, when I can be bothered), please add your list/experiences so far.

There must be some good ones out there, but i have not come across one that has excited me (just like last year and 2016, 2015, etc, etc.).

Wickwar; A Christmas Tall Tale.
St Austell; Proper Cracker.
Castle Rock; Snow White.
Maxim; Santastic.
Burton Bridge; Santa-Freeze.
Kelham Island; Good For Your Elf.
Elland; Scrooge.
Mallinsons; The Hoppy and The Ivy.
Wantsum; Figgy Pudding.
Ossett; Nervous Turkey.
Hardy’s and Hansons; Rocking Rudolph.


Last year I had quite a few but despite plans with a couple of colleagues to go to the pub a few lunchtimes a week leading up to Christmas have been too busy. Got a meeting in London on Friday but not planning to waste my meander back to Waterloo on Christmas casks:)

Yes, I’ve had a few so far but mostly I would say they have mainly been pretty boring. Where are the spicy Winter Warmers? Darker, stronger beers, few and far between. A little fed up with winter golden beers.

I had the St Austell Proper Cracker which I thought was decent.
Just had Whitstable Christmas Spirit which was a malty so-so beer.

I enjoyed the Maxim Santastic, but it wasn’t really Christmasy - it would make a good summer thirst quencher.

The Mordue Winter Tyne wasn’t bad; a nice malty darker bitter.

Rather enjoyed Lilley’s Santa Cider, surprisingly drinkable for a sweet seasonal cider.

Kent Yule Log is too chocolatey
Pig and Porter From an Antique Land Chai Stout is too spicy.

Not been a great Christmas this year for UK cask offerings in Copenhagen unfortunately. Normally we get a good line up, but a bit quiet this year. We had the usual “Harveys Christmas Ale” on cask at Charlies which was tasting great last week.

Best Christmas beer so far was on keg over at Warpigs, great winter Warpigs/Three Floyds collab stout with lovely Christmas spice action, might turn up at the Mikkeller London or druid street Bottleshop location, as they both seem to get their beers frequently…


I don’t really drink in many cask centric bars these days, nor have I ever sought out Christmas beers on cask … I learnt they are usually pretty shit back in the mid 90s!

Not sure I’ve seen much in the way of Xmas keg offerings but this was good fun … a Xmas sour … how very 2018 !