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Ukrainian Beer Identification

I have even given these two beers but not sure what they are. Can someone let me know, please

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Where did you find those?

Edit: nevermind, I didn’t see that someone gave them to you.

One of my colleagues is Ukrainian. She bought them at a supermarket in Hounslow, which I think is called Soviet.

(I forgot to ask her what they were called and she’d only dropped by to give them to me.)

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One of the advantages of Untappd is scanning the bar code to find out what the beer is. Used it loads of times for unreadable labels, barrel aged variants etc…

Not all beers have barcodes tho, which is where Vivino trumps Untappd allowing you to find the wine instantly from taking a photo of the label.


Found their website, which amusingly is only in Russian. They have a shop in Leyton, too. Both are named USSR Retail (in case anyone here is interested in picking up some Russian and Ukrainian ticks).

They call them IPA – Isotope Pale Ale, :crazy_face:

The owner is Georgian but seemingly no Georgian beers.

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