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Unable to add place check-in

Have been unable to add place check-in today

It is annoying Ed. I’m losing track already. Can’t grab those new mayorships either.

Check ins need to be reinstated, it’s an important and one of the only part of the the social interaction of this website.


Agree, I use it in part to remember easier which day I was where when on travel, and which places to review.

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I’ve always wondered what the point of them is? Apart from seeing people have trespassed into Surrey:) Rarely ever remember to check in.

Still not able to check-in and unless I have missed comments from @services there doesn’t seem to have been a solution offered. I did get a survey though which was nice! Is it coming back?

Mayorships also seems to have stopped working in recent days - eg being the first rater of a new place, but not getting the mayorship - coinciding time wise with the general release of the new place maps. It’s a fun thing to have for people who are keen to travel, rate places and add distribution info. @services @joet


Another vote here to re-instate mayorships and check-ins. Not only do check-ins help me keep track of places to rate, but is the value of removing these features really worth the value of removing potential exposure from retailers?


I definitely hear you. We got some solid feedback from those who use the feature and the dev team is currently considering readding.

Check in is still available and working in the old app and shown in old activity page. Can’t be a problem to reactivate.