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Unable to Log In to new forums on Mobile


So for 3 days or so when trying to access forums on my phone it doesn’t let me log in. After thinking for awhile I get a red box that says “We’re sorry, something went wrong when attempting to log in” I can log in to old site which is good for rating beers but when I click forums it logs me out and I can’t get in. It works fine on desktop. I submitted feedback and haven’t head back. This happening to anyone else?


I’ve been having the same problems on both the Forum side and the old side for 3 or 4 days, both on my mobile and the lap top. It happened when I logged out to try and log in so I could see if I had had beers before.


The whole site has been pretty shitty at letting me log in to anything. I cannot log into the new searches for example.


Weird. I seem to have no problems staying logged in here or the main site. Shrugs.



Day 4 no response to my feedback and no resolution. Obviously I can log in just fine at work but I like browsing on my phone at home, what do you want me to do talk to my family? @discobot do you have jagged rusty shoulder for me to cry on?


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


helpful as always my man. when can we get Djibouti broken down into regions?

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I have been having this problem on one MacBook but not my other Macbook or my phone. Complained about it on the forum, nothing. Filled out a feedback form two weeks ago. Nothing. Does anyone actually care anymore? :confused:


Why did you log off? If you did…


I can’t speak for Jow, but in my case I was trying to debug one of the many failures in the new search by logging off and on again; when I logged back on, single sign on refused to deal with the forums anymore and that was that. Aside from the fact that logging off/on should be handleable, it’s doubly hard when things keep breaking and requiring you to log off and on again.

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Had to wait until back at work to reply since didn’t feel like firing up laptop to respond. Basically I can be logged in rate a beer look at profile but when i try and navigate to forums the site logs me off and if I go straight to forums it also has me logged off and unable to log in. Just on my iPhone but very frustrating.

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FYI I’m back in, got reply from feedback. So for those that encounter similar you have to go to all the different version of browser like front page, profile page and click log out at the bottom. Then when you log back in and click forum links it’ll keep you logged in. Basically to log in you must log out.


Worked for me too, which is strange because I definitely tried that solution at first and it did not. Then again, while the fundamental problem didn’t change, the error also evolved from the first time it appeared, beginning with an infinite loop of death, moving on to a blank page, and finally to the error screen like you posted. So why am I not surprised an ineffective solution is suddenly an effective one?

Nice that you got feedback responses though, I’m pretty pissed that mine just got ignored.