Unbelievable experience in a craft beer bar called Hops D'Amour

Hey guys love the community here.

Just wanted to vent about an experience i had a Hops D’Amour, Coventry.

So, i order a stout off the owner of the bar hes wearing an apron

he turns around to get a glass from the shelf and hes literally wearing nothing except for the apron and pink hello kitty socks.

I questioned him about it and he said hes a nudist and he believes in the human body says he goes to alot of sex parties to observe whats going on, but doesnt partake in any sexual activity.

Really strange experience.

To top it off i asked if he could cover up and he aggressively put his penis in my drink and said " is this good enough for you - drink your drink and piss off otherwise ill slap you with it "

So i walked out and didnt pay. Anyone else had a similar experience?

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Did you drink the beer?

No, there was weird yellow stuff and pubes floating on top

Still new to craft ale?


So I …

So I …

Tims 2

Where are you from in America?

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Thanks for the recommendation I’ll keep this in mind if I’m ever in Coventry. Shame he didn’t bother to shave his cock and balls though eh? Would’ve made all the difference.

also ISO pink hello kitty socks

I really want to contribute to this but im not sure what to say.

I have had a few good beers from this pub! No pubes though.

Awwwww c’mon now! It is pride day, ummm week, errrrrr month, dayummm, y’all get it, right, right??

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Should have downed the pubes.

Are you down the pube?

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Clube not pube post Platty Jubes, newbe.

It’s an @Marko thing … he likes to drink down the pube

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and you didn’t even tick it? are you sure you are on the right website?


And that’s the best pub in Coventry, by far now :grinning:

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Did you happen to spot @RichTheVillan or @SarkyNorthener there?