Unclear Beer

The trouble with the English language is that it isn’t logical. So I’ve noticed a lot of reviews by non-native Englsh speakers descibe a beer as ‘unclear’. But that is not the opposite of a clear beer. The definition is a actually:

not easy to see, hear, or understand.

“the motive for this killing is unclear”

not obvious or definite; ambiguous.

“their future remains unclear”

having or feeling doubt or confusion.

“users are still unclear about what middleware does”

So if the the beer is unclear to you then you’ve probably had way too much to drink or are having an existential crisis.

This has been a Bearded Avenger public service announcement.


Got me there :wink:

“Unklar” so the german word actually describes the situations mentioned by you but also an “unclear beer”.
In my rating language I use unclear quite often. And for me it describes a state of look between unfiltered but translucent and opaque (if appealing) and murky (if unappealing).

Could you provide some words on how I could rephrase my wording there?

uhm, with my rather limited german knowledge (as an Austrian) “unklar” to me sounds as wrong in the german language as “unclear” in english (if you use it for unfiltered beer).

I use hazy for everything that is between clear and murky, I hope I am doing that correct though :stuck_out_tongue:

Guilty as charged. Clear > cloudy > hazy > unclear > murky.

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In all elevators in Denmark there is a sign thats says " I fart ".
It means “moving”.


Years ago I went to German and a friend piped up with, “Ausfart, must be really big, all the signs are pointing to it.”

No, it’s fine. (heh).

You make think it an inelegant usage, but Roget says it’s OK.

clear / translucent / hazy / murky / milkshake

All the words one needs to know auf Englisch

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Clear or Unclear. Unclear includes slightly hazy, hazy, murky, cloudy, translucent, and opaque. I may start using nebulous.

down to three: clear - nebulous - unclear

Nebulous definitely finishes the cloudy/hazy debate.

Now I just need to find out what astringent means as I have been using it enough.

Vinegar is supposed to quality
Purely chemical - alum?
But let’s go with the botanical experts:

" The astringent taste is a flavor of dryness that is generally produced by tannins in the bark, leaves and outer rinds of fruits and trees. It causes the mucus membranes in the mouth to contract and results in an immediate dry, chalky (sometimes even choking) sensation in the mouth."

So maybe it is common in barrel aged sours.

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I thought astringent meant slightly bitter then I saw somebody using it to mean tart and stopped using it. Never heard that it meant dry, so I guess it can mean many things.

i use the word “opaque” a lot.

My go-to reference for astringency is pineapple. Besides the sweet taste of it there’s a slightly “irritating” textural aspect. I find it in the actual fruit as well as beers with that flavor derived from hops.
It’s common for me to experience it in NEIPAs whether more tropical or citrusy in flavor.

Whoever coined the term “hop burn” nailed it precisely IMO. :grimacing:

You all know now that all these elaborate ratings are worthless now, don’t you? :grinning:

Not to the alien archeologists that sift through mankind’s ruins in a couple of months.


No sir, these elaborate ratings have always been worthless.