Unconventional ales

So many brewers these days that are doing the exact same thing as all the other trend chasers brand themselves as “unconventional” or some variation of that term. But when all you’re doing is hazy IPAs, pastry stouts and smoothie sours, is that really unconventional these days?


Is this a rhetorical question? What breweries are most guilty of this?

Ya probably just being curmudgeonly. This just occurred to me while after visiting a very trendy new brewery in Fort Lauderdale near the airport. Don’t get me wrong, they do what they do well, but just not sure unconventional is the word anymore for a brewery doing hazy IPAs, pastry stouts and smoothie sours. Shit, these days bring a brown ale is unconventional.

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Yeah, in Quebec, we have this trend too. Some brewers (thankfully only a few) only brew those 3 styles of beers …but at the same time, they have are way most popular because of that so I understand why they’ll continue that way…

Pretty sure being unconventional at the moment would be making mild and old ales. I’d like to see more “experimental” things like that rather than the same old boring pale ales.


I miss old boring pale ales.


Human Robot in Philadelphia is indeed unconventional in that they split they menu into old school (human) and new school (robot). When I was there, I had a polotmavy, czech pils, açai smootie sour and pineapple IPA… I think that pulls off a good balance.


Oof…Went to look at it… Cleaned up its entry and then did the same for Saint Benjamin and retired that one… 16 months gone and nobody had reported it…

It’s a trend in major cities in Russia too. Smoothie sours are especially popular.

I did not realize no one retired St Benjamin. Human Robot is, as you figured out, occupying the same building, and it seemms to be a better brewery.