Universal glassware for Belgian ales?

Hi fellow beer enthusiasts.

I am thinking about buying a new glass to use for Belgian style ales only (blond, dubbel, triple). As we all know each brand produces its own glass, obviously I do not want to start a collection now, so I am here to ask for suggestion.

If you should use only one glass for Belgian ales, which one would you?

I am thinking about buying the one from Maredsous, which looks suitable to my needs.

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When I couldn’t make use of my collection of glassware I always tried to get my hands on a Duvel glass. Due to its shape and size, I think it’s the perfect allrounder for all kinds of Ales, especially Belgian ones. I must admit that I care less about glassware nowadays but I would still go for Duvel glasses if I had to choose one specific glass.

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I second Duvel glass, though perhaps I would prefer one of the smaller ones.

All I got is a Chimay and I am happy with it. Shrugs.

Duvel it is. I love that glass. Imo much better than al those chalices. Although I have a weak spot for the Orval glass, because it is Orval.

Edit: bear in mind I don’t care much for glasses per style, I drink pretty much everything in a Teku glass.

This is my all time favourite to drink different styles of beers.

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I have something similar to the Gauloise one, which I use for almost all kind of beers.

I am not sure if the Duvel one is ok for dubbel/triple as well, tough. Sure is good for (strong) Belgian ales


That is a stunning bottle label.

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