Unrateable Grodzisk Bezalkoholowe Mango Ale

Why this beer is unrateable?
It’s one of the best N/A beers and is very popular in Poland.

Thanks for any help.

Hey, welcome to the boards - noticed your ratings around. :slight_smile:

Sadly, due to the rules of the site all flavored beers under 1% alcohol are unrateable - if you see some that currently are rateable, it’s just because none of the content admins have gotten to it. At that point, way back when, it was introduced due to alcohol free radlers, which are basically soda pops - but sadly it encompasses all flavored alcohol free beer with very few exceptions.

DEVS will have to add this in the ADD BEER page guidelines because right now, there’s nothing about that there…

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Yup, that’s true. Absolutely no way for new users to know that unless they ask here.

So, on the site where we rate beers, we can also rate sake and meads, but cannot rate N/A beers with fruits, etc. Nice idea, it’s so logical…

Seriously, I didn’t know about NA flavoured beers too

I guess I would go case to case anyway for this kind of products to prevent non beers and malt beverages to be added

If it’s of any solace to you, I was against restrictions too. There was a big discussion to even allow radlers as rateable beers at that point. This was taken as a point of compromise.

No radlers / flavored beers under 1% alcohol, no radlers with less than 40% beer.

Don’t think this rule is being applied in the UK. Finally, a benefit of Brexit?

Used to be, but there was at least one Shandy allowed that’s a historical exception.

Now, the question is - now that the beer world has changed, should we apply the rule to radlers only, or should normal non-abv beers with fruit be allowed?

For Germany we do at least 50% beer as I am aware of!

It was left to the country admins to decide in the end, some countries chose 50%. Some chose 40%.

And yes, everything IS ridiculous.

I’m not sure in here if the regulation states how much % of the beverage is beer or cider… Tough to apply worldwide…

So, what about the Mikkeller Limbo beers e.g.? Should all be unrateable, flavroured with 0.3%.

Yes, I was thinking of the various 0.5% Sours available in the UK. Or, in fact, the Flavoured 0.5% Stouts.

In Germany we use the very simple explanation “Radlers yes, Ciders yes, but no alcohol-free Radlers or alcohol-free Ciders, because those are 2 steps removed from beer. Being one step away from beer is tolerated.” Same logic applies here.

I agree.

In QC, Canada, there is no such thing as No-alcohol Cider because they must be called Apple Must drink…but in some other part of Canada, we have to check carefully because they still are often called apple cider…

Luckily, we have some low-alcohol radler (around 2.5 abv) but not really no-alcohol radlers (or maybe very few)…