Hi neighbours,
Does anyone know why this one’s unrateable?

I have the bottle opened in front of me and I’d like to rate it.

Sorry if it’s a stupid question. Thanks!

Hey, somewhere on the bottle there should be a mention about the hops. It is subdivided into the different hops which where used. Check the breweries list to see those:


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Found it. Damn, those were some small letters. Thanks for the help, cheers!

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But it should not be unrateable

It says: “Please check the hop-variety on the back to choose the correct entry” in the beer description, in order to avoid people re-adding it over and over again.

rateable then
if there are different versions, they can be entered as an alias

Ratebeer is doing it the right way imo. It’s just that the hop variety should be a bit more visible on the label. It’s quite hidden on the back side.

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the different versions are different beers.

And there exists no beer that is just named “Übersee-Hopfen India Pale Ale”.


Older version where much more distinguishable. Wonder why it’s now labelled so small on the back, or is that only for the smaller bottles ?