Unusual Beer Goals

At this point I have expanded the beers I trade for or buy at a bottle shop. I trade for any wheat beers I have not rated, any top 50 beers for most styles at this point, cellar wants, and top 25 beers for each US state (I have not heard anybody else talk about this one, but still may actually not be unusual). I am currently trying to rate 10 beers of each currrent style (subject to change I hear), 10 beers from each US state, and if I am really low on beer I buy beers with over 1,000 ratings I have not rated. What unusual beer goals, buying strategies, or trading strategies, do you have?

I like to get to 5 beers from a brewery so their average comes up on the breweries tab on my page.


Number one rater for Surrey (done) and Hamsphire (7th) - I can confidently say I am alone in that?

I would like to be in the top 50 raters of beers from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. I am currently in the English and Welsh lists but well short in the other two.

Scotland is a realistic target but unless I actually go on a beer centric trip to Northern Ireland it’s not going to happen. I am in Belfast for one day in September, but that will not be enough to break into the top 50.


Trying to get to 100 regions this week as my goal but I went to every bar in Belfast (well, more than a reasonable person would) and now in Dublin still no luck. Also this weeks goal get to eater list of unique Northen Ireland Breweries

I will always go for Bitters and Mild Ales, especially on cask… too bad I do not live in England. That is usually my first order if available. Generally I prefer to get more obscure styles, but there is a veritable IPA hegemony in NYC in which 75% of beers released in the city are some variant on a hazy IPA. Also, I will buy as many saisons as any brewery has in bottles (almost without fail)…

Also, if you ever want to trade WV beers for whatever wheat beers I can find, I would gladly do so! Does that include Berliner Weisse or just hefeweizen and witbier?

Failed on finding that new region and now back in Florida. Did make top rater of Northern Ireland Breweries list.

Right now it includes any: witbier, hefeweizen, gose, dunkleweizen, weizenbock, wheat ale, kristalweizen, and Lichtenhainer (or the other smoked wheat ales) that I have not rated. I would be open to a couple nice berliner weisses also to round off a box. I will send you a message.

In addition to the goals above I also support my peeps and currently have the most WV rates.

I buy almost any beer that I have not rated yet and I try to rate beers from as many breweries and from as many regions and countryes as possible.


That is the Ratebeer way!