Upcoming UK Trip (Nov 29 - Dec 7)

Aptly scheduled for another visit to the Pig’s Ear, I’m trying to schedule out the rest of time there. Looking at spending some time in Tottenham. Can anyone tell me if Redemption, One Mile End or Bohem have taprooms?

Bohem and Redemption definately do. The latter’s to going to be open more regularly when Tottenham start playing at home again. Various places in the Tottenham area now. Also Hales. Not been there for years as it’s too far North but this site has got an up to date list:



I’ll also likely be in Bermondsey on Saturday the 1st of December, if anyone wants to hook up.

Other than Kris Wines, is there a good place to find oddball imported beers? Looking for obscure countries… Any ethnic markets?

I don’t know of any stores that specifically stock obscure beers, but there are a few Ghanian restaurants (the Gold Coast, Sweet Handz) and an Eritrean restaurant (Adulis) in London sell the respective beers.

Also the Nando’s fast food chain sells beer from Mozambique (2M).

Eastern European stores should get you a Latvia tick pretty easily.

You also might be able to tick Iran off, but that would depend on finding an ethnic store.

There’s a Palestinian restaurant in Soho (http://tabunkitchen.com) which claims (claimed?) to be the only seller of Taybeh beer in the UK, but when I went there in 2017 they didn’t actually have any.:roll_eyes:

Edit: I almost forgot – there are some Georgian restaurants in London that serve that national beer. For example this place: https://littlegeorgia.co.uk/menu/#beverage

Tabun Kitchen has closed down now anyway. There is a very good Palestinian place in Ladbroke Grove but they don’t have Taybeh, I’m not sure there are any current stockists in the UK sadly.

There is a corner shop near Kings Cross station that has Ethiopian beers, if you’re interested let me know and I can try and remember the name of it!

Lebanese beer is fairly easy to come across at any number of Lebanese places (I can give specifics if you like).

Lithuanian beers are readily available in some places too.

If you need a Sri Lankan tick let me know and I’ll happily trade you a Lion Stout!

Thanks for the tips. I noticed Tabun Kitchen was closed too. The Ghanian and Georgian beers sound interesting and I may have to add this to my schedule. A Most of the others I was able to get when I lived in Germany and could get over to Darmstadt to Maruhn. If you haven’t been, it’s the largest beer store in Germany, with a ton of obscure international beers.

I am really surprised that London does not have more, due to its international status, and seat of the British Empire.

Taybeh is available - bought some in Guildford recently.

A whike back a Ukrainian colleague mentioned a Georgian owned supermarket they go to in London. She was not sure sure on the specific but they sold beer from various countries. Will have to ask her the name.

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I’d be interested this. Might pay a visit next time I go to London.

It’s called Ethio Stores and is on Judd Street, a few minutes walk from the station.

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There is a Georgian place in Hackney, ‘Tbilisi Shop’ on Cambridge Heath Road. They’ve never had Georgian beers there when I’ve visited but they do have stuff from the Baltics and Russia. Loads of Georgian wine too, if that’s your bag.

My colleague made it sound like it was massive but it’s in fact this place on Queensway:


I am told that the photo features a range of Kvass and something, “like Kvass.”

There is also a large shop over the road that also does Asian beers.


Interesting, haven’t come across that one before but will try and check it out if I’m ever in the area.

Longdan (Asian supermarkets) have had some Japanese crafty looking stuff in lately too.