Upcoming UK Trip

9th - one night in Manchester (near Picadilly train station)
10th - 13th - Blackpool
14th-15th - York
16th - 20th - Birrmingham (19th in Oxford)

Any recommendations? Meeting Colin in Oxford. If you’d like to meet up let me know…

Also, I really like classic British pubs. While I love beer of all types, I’m trying to tick as many of the traditional English styles as I can (bitters, ESB, old ales, etc), as well as round out my regional map for the UK.

ok top pick for Manchester would be marble arch, just as a cracking pub but original home of the brewery

for york the york tap on station (train) platform is a sound place

but beyond that id just look at RB places map. and go with best of what’s close to where you are

Is this in May? I’m normally in Birmingham of a Sunday evening, but will be en route to France on the 20th unfortunately.

If you like classic British pubs, you have some good options in Birmingham The Wellington, Post Office Vaults and Craven Arms being my picks and should provide you with an armful of classic English style ticks. But you should be able to work your way through all the RB recommendations during your time there. A short train journey to Wolverhampton to the Great Western, conveniently located near the station, will also be worthwhile, though there’s little else to see in the city itself.

Yes - the Great Western is one of my all time favourite pubs.

So near the station but some folks have struggled to find it though !

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