Updated forum header

The forum header has been updated to match the search results page.
If you are experiencing any issues with this change feel free to comment in here so we can troubleshoot.

Clicking on “My Profile” on the new header sends me to the non-existing page https://www.ratebeer.com/user/undefined/ .

Thanks for the report!
Could you refresh and let me know if that is still happening?

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Had the same problem but it works for me now

It did that earlier for me but I just tried it now and it worked fine. Thanks.

Works fine now, cheers!

Looks like this is finally coming together. Thanks, friends.


I like that it’s much closer to the site header and contains useful links. But if I may be so petty: Why not have the exact same header as on the site?

Can we get the search bar fixed on top at anytime?
It´s really annoying when reading a long thread having to navigate to the top of the page to get it.