Updating Place Ratings

I’ve noticed lately that when I review a new location, it never affects the place’s overall rating. This is pretty new (I’d usually have a decent idea before of when my rating would move a place’s overall rating) so I’m guessing it’s a bug. Can someone look into this? Place ratings are by far my favorite part of the site (nobody else out there that I know of does that as well).

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Hi @WestCoastHawkeye, do you still see that the place rating doesn’t update after you reload the page? We think that there is an issue that currently you need to refresh after submitting the review, but you should see the score update after reloading the page. Please let us know if you don’t see the score update after you re-load :slight_smile:

I tried to update two of mine place ratings, but the “Save” button is just spinning. Nothing happens.


At least two places where this is mentioned, have to do if you are updating a place rating where you had food and/or value as N/A.

You need to activate the sliders so they show 0, or place them for the score you want.

A known bug they are working to solve.

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Yes, this bug is documented and is in the queue.
@services this is called Bug On Re-Save on Trello https://trello.com/c/qwDVcTeO