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Upper mid-west IPT

Travel conditions and restrictions permitting, I’ll be in the Chicago area for all of Sunday, July 25th, near Rhinelander, WI for much of the following week, and in Minneapolis from August 8-10. If anyone is interested in an IPT, post here or PM me. Not interested in making or catering too many special wishes beyond style requests. Rather, just trading a few good beers with the focus being local favorites. Count could be as many as 20 so this might be one large trade, or two smaller ones, depending on interest.

I’m in Green Bay, WI and would certainly be down for a trade! Cheers!

Great. I always hate making the trip over the Atlantic with empty suitcases. Let me know if you have style preferences or things I should avoid etc. and I’ll PM you with more info as the time draws nearer.

Hi @hauxe. Sorry I just saw this. Would been game. But, greetings from Appleton!

If I make it back to the region we’ll have another go.

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