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Uruguay split

Uruguay has 19 departments. Seems straight forward:

UY-AR Artigas
UY-CA Canelones
UY-CL Cerro Largo
UY-CO Colonia
UY-DU Durazno
UY-FS Flores
UY-FD Florida
UY-LA Lavalleja
UY-MA Maldonado
UY-MO Montevideo
UY-PA Paysandú
UY-RN Río Negro
UY-RV Rivera
UY-RO Rocha
UY-SA Salto
UY-SJ San José
UY-SO Soriano
UY-TA Tacuarembó
UY-TT Treinta y Tres

Not anti-Uruguay, love the fact they were the first ever soccer World Cup winners in 1930, but 19 regions for a mere 42 breweries/cideries seems like a lot.

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Keep in mind that our database represents nothing for most of South America. I just spent the morning beefing up Chile. Added 12 new breweries to one regions alone, for example. Uruguay probably isn’t quite at the level Chile is, but craft beer is definitely taking on.

This and Panama both look like over kills. Hope I’m proven wrong like in South Africa thread :slight_smile:


Yeah this list looks fine but I agree with the others that Uruguay and Panama both seem a bit much at the moment. So yeah, agree with the list but think this should be pushed back to a future country split and not bothered with at the moment.


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