US and US/Intl Santa?

I see Euro Santa is getting warmed up. Any thought to the usual US Secret Santa? If not, I am happy to organize a small BIF to keep folks in the holiday spirit.

As always, I’m in for either. Always enjoy SS, but a BiF would still be cool.

I’m in for international, too :slight_smile: But there BIF would take too long, so a mix might be possible :beers:

I’d be in for a Secret Santa or a BIF

I’d be totally up for an international swap if the shipping costs weren’t so astronomical. I might bite the bullet though. What does BIF stand for?

Beer-It-Foreward - as soon as you receive a parcel you post the next one. :):beers:

Well, it would be a bit of a hybrid, I don’t think we’d need to put the time restrictions on it.

I’d be in for US only

I guess I’d be in for a BIF, international is also something I would be interested in.

And, what’s the threshold for attempting this?

Hoping Santa or an Elf of his will chime in and let us know either way. Then I think we can begin to move out.

As Santa seems to be fallen asleep, just an idea to keep it moving:
We have 2 Germans and 4 Americans (+1 US-only) interested in this?

What do you think of a BIF where we ship the parcel after the previous one is posted? Otherwise it would take too long with the parcels to the EU.

If it’s ok I’ll make a pairing-list this weekend so we can start shipping the parcels next week?

So we have 3 EU and 3 US participants for the intl. BIF :slight_smile: and “trapped” for US-only (which is hard to integrate here…).

So for the BIF-pairing, here’s my US-EU-List:


So Matthew ships to me, I ship to Andrew ad so on… and Louise from Poland ships to Andrew in Florida.

I would use the “rules” we had in the last years as well, so $50 for the beer to make it worth the high shipping-costs.
–> So everyone please contact the person you’re going to send something. I hop this works fine :slight_smile: But I’m confident!

I may cheat and send my box out early. Knowing how these things go, I don’t want to ship in the middle of January…


I think that’s no problem :slight_smile: Don’t worry about it :slight_smile: The faster the beer arrives the better :slight_smile:

I think there was some confusion. I saw this thread as ‘the usual US secret Santa,’ which is what I was requesting to sign up for. Continental is where I wanted to stay as international shipping is intense this time of year, especially if you have a little one on the way. Guys, I’m really sorry to do this, but I don’t think I can take part in this. I was planning on signing up for the continental SS or BiF like I’ve done for several years.

I didn’t mention us only, but also didn’t mention international. I read the thread as something other than it was, and again I’m sorry for any confusion.

I’ll be emailing my recipient and Santa to keep everyone in the loop.

I can cover his box if needed. That’s me sending to Erzengel and Jashiu sending to me?

If Tricyclist is out, it only works if @nimbleprop can cover this box! Thank you so much for offering this.


I hope this is ok now with everybody :beer: :

And as there wer questions, here are the rules again:

  • The value of the whole parcel should be around 50$ (but please don’t declare this on the customs-form)

  • Which beers you send, please talk to the person you’re sending to - it doesn’t matter wether you only talk about styles or specific beers.

  • You can send as much beer as you like to fill up the weight-limit of your parcel

  • There’s no real Deadline - try to ship till the end of the year, but as the holidays are coming talk to your recipient about this - a real BIF won’t work intl.

Well, allow me to be the first to post my box then. Even though it got held up at customs in Germany a little, it still only took about two weeks to arrive, which is pretty good, I reckon!

Many thanks to Nimbleprop for the beers. Even though I do not recognize a single one of them, they certainly look very interesting and I’m looking forward to trying them :yum:.

One of the cans was damaged, unfortunately. Big dent, small hole. There was still about 2/3 left in the can, so I decided to drink that stuff up while there was not too much damage done. It was a little flat but still quite nice otherwise, actually :smile:.


Looks fantastic! My parcel from Nimbleprop arrived at customs yesterday so I think I can pick it up next week!