US beer tipping

ok this trip to the US has really wound me up tipping wise.

Ive always been told a dollar a drink. but i was also told that 10 years ago.

but ive been drinking mostly samplers (which though appreciate are fucking outrageous price wise compared to third uk pints back home)

but even if its a $1 a drink with the snall pours, what’s then the score as seems to be the case that when i come to pay the bill is wrong as ive apparently been deliberately not charged for some.

man its done my bloody nut in and i suspect ive been well over tipping, but then again its so fucking unclear i may have been under tipping

if they were giving you free drinks you were doing it right. samplers are odd though. I have no problem leaving a dollar tip for a sampler, but have left much more. do you tip your bartender in the UK?

only very very occasionally, and usually cause of something unusual

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If it’s a pint - I normally give $1.

If it’s a cocktail or a flight; either 20% or $2.

The main thing is just don’t do something like drop $0.63 in change, not tip at all, or tip far too little.

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Depends on the bartender actually. $1 a pint normally if its just a quick pint. If they keep,m comin in a timely manner and can handle my BS they,ll probably get more.

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^This. You could probably get away with tipping 15% (especially away from the NYC area, larger bills, and/or if service wasn’t that great) and $2 should be fine for flights.

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$2 for a first pint and $1 for every pint thereafter is standard. Unless you are at a very swanky place where you’re paying $10 a beer, then you might tip 15-20% on the final bill.

I give10% for drinks and 20% for food, if I have had both its usually double the tax, which works out at about 18% in California.