US Brewery Counts by State and Rater Penetration

So I saw that beeradvocate released some annual site stats and they quote that they have a touch under 8,300 breweries in their database. So I wondered about what we have and who rated the most from each (I did this stat a few years ago as well). Unlike omphers list this has all types of brewers.

I guess you have to click on to see full list. we have 7,358 for those that don’t want to click. Looks like I have 6,466 more breweries to try in my homeland


Interesting. so judging from the overall site stats the US has roughly 10% of the worlds breweries.

Although the worldwide number included retired brewers, so it is actually more.

Also we have almost 1,000 less in our database than BA. Will have to see when brewers association gives out 2019 stats what the real US figure is.

Props to those raters who appear multiple times on list. Also some of these names are from inactive users wonder how long until they’re caught

Ummmm…Montana is missing

oh no good catch, i manually was clicking through and didn’t incorporate a check in my work (something I preach to employees) and missed. Montana has 91 active and Sledutah is top rater with 45 of em’ bringing us up to 7,449

At least in Ohio, BA’s database has several breweries that are not breweries and are missing several others. I think our database is very accurate, based on how we define “breweries.”

I’m still trying to get to all the Ohio breweries, but they open almost as fast as I can visit them.

Higher than 100% means they have rated some breweries which are now closed as well, I presume?

that’s correct. quite a few closed breweries in our database now a days

Thanks for putting this together.


FYI @BuckeyeBoy and I should be tied for Idaho, unless there’s some metric I’m not accounting for…

I will take my wins, don’t try to bring me down stevoj :slight_smile: