US Domestic version of Nitrogen Guinness Draught?

I’ve always really liked Guinness draught in bottle or cans which have the nitro pod which releases when the can or bottle is open (but I don’t remember noticing the nitro pod in bottles/cans recently but it’s got that creamy nitro affect either way).
Not talking about guinness Stout btw although that’s a good one too it’s not the same creamy nitro drought version.

So basically I’m trying to avoid having my beer barged from the other side of the world from ireland, for the sake of energy saving basically.

I google stuff like nitro beer , american version of guinness, etc but only found one so far domestic but it uses dairy and I’ve been vegan over 6.5 years so I need a vegan beer (BTW guinness a few years ago replaced isinglass [fish bladder] filtering and their FAQ now says the beer is vegan so that’s good.

I want it in cans/bottle, not keg or at a bar. If I can order online somehow would be ok or maybe I have to ask a liquor store to special order it.

I have no preference other than it’s a dark creamy nitro-type beer. If there’s something already that exists popular that has the same effect but without nitro, then that would be fine too. thank you

btw guinness recently opened Guinness Brewery Relay, Maryland, but it’s a small place and like a restaurant so I doubt they are pumping out guinness drought there to be stocked in US liquor stores.

The only commonly made nitro stout I can think of made in US is Left Hand Milk Stout, but if you are vegan, that is not much help…

Also, in a news article on the Guinness brewery, I found the following:

“While Guinness is best known for its thick, dark iconic stout, the Maryland brewery’s flagship beer is the light, effervescent Guinness Blonde American Lager. It’s currently the only beer made on site that customers can buy outside of the campus. The brewery will produce four to six new beers that will be distributed regionally in Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania, and, in some cases, nationally, Day says.”

Meaning that as of now, there is no nitro stout they are distributing at this point…

What state do you live in? Stillwater has been making a few different nitro beers. You would have to check if they are vegan.

A quick search of our database also returned this

Apparently Breckenridge has a whole series

Not sure if they have Lactose, but Left Hand has several options as I recall… a berry one, maybe an orange one, etc.

3 Sheeps Cashmere is sold non-nitro these days, but they do have a nitro coffee stout in bottles called NitroJoe