US Holiday Beer Swap

It’s 2019 and Santa is dead. We can no longer celebrate him. But we can still swap beer for the holidays. Anyone interested in doing a swap, respond back here. The rules would be $50 of beer and some swag from a local brewery (up to $12 in value). Call it a beanie or a glass or an opener.

I’ll put pairings together based on geography. Goal would be to ship before 31Dec.

Who’s in?

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I am down.

Is it open for international as well??? :beers:

I would be interested, but my shipping dates would have to be different, as I’m out of the country from 12/24 - 1/7.

We can make that work @explosivedog

Gabriel, you know I’m always game. I’ve done 10 international secret santas.

But I am gonna try and stick to US for this one and try and prove this trade forum isn’t dead.

I’d be interested

So, I’ve got two from NY, one from SC and me in DC. Anyone midwest? West coast? I’ll do it with 4, but it would be cooler with six. Cmon! It can’t be this dead

We could tag all the people who participated last year or other people who expressed interest in locals for locals in the past.

I can put together a box of Wyoming beers but would not ship until Jan 2. Shipping that time of year is a bit risky and might have to wait until the temps get above freezing. (PS, tell Santa I’m particularly interested in SC beers).

I will jump in here if it’s still open.

Right now we’re at 6, with DC, SC, NY, NY, MI and WY.

I’ll leave it open until Thursday morning then I’ll push out the pairings. I am OK with a slightly later shipping date as long as folks are communicating.

These are the people who participated last year or posted in a locals for locals thread this year

@sledutah @drfabulous @drowland @robertjm @weihenweizen @AirForceHops @wchesser @trapped

In. Thanks for the tag or I wouldn’t have seen it. I gave up on forums since no one was ever in trading. KY.

Ok I’ll make it 8. I’m in Florida but also will be in RI for holidays so gift may be from both. Also can you ensure I don’t get NY swapper as I lived there for my first 9 yrs on site and it’s 20% of my total ratings already and I’ve covered scene quite well.

I’m also in, if I’m not too late. But then you’ll have 3 NY elves

Not much chance there I guess

Well then. This is not a bad turnout. Looking forward to Holiday Beer Swapping with you all!

Are pairings and dates out?

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@nimbleprop are you going pull the names out of a hat so we can begin holiday shopping?