US Holiday Beer Swap

OK, here we go. Let’s aim for shipping by January 6th, given this took a little longer to put together. $50 of beer, swag (up to $12 in value). Wasn’t easy with 3.5 NY folks, but here’s what we’ve got. You ship to the person above you on the list. Mansquito ships to the bottom name. If I messed this up, you’ll let me know:


Awesome KY was one of my secret hopes.

sent through beermail…but I’m always confused since the updates regarding messages via the forum or the beermail feature

Beermail sent to @Bacchus66 on the old beermail.

Anyone have issues getting their partner?

Any boxes land yet? If so, let’s just use this thread to post hauls as well.

Mine went out today.

Mine going out today

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If it hasnt gone out yet would best to ship with signature required. If they leave it by the door it might freeze

I’ll be shipping today.

A box to me is on the way, and mine is going out Monday after a few flourishes.

Happy New Year all!

I already sent it, but to @Clownoisseur, I did not think of signature at all, since I live at an apartment block :grimacing:

Oops. I’m shipping to you.

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And we have a doorman, no need for the additional fee for a signature

I do not need a signature, so we are all good here too!

I shipped yesterday to iphonephan with the signature so won’t freeze in WY winter.

Your box seems to be delivered, hope you’ll like them!

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Indeed! Landed safely. Thank you very much!!

I sure have my work cut out for me, and I am excited to dig in! Cheers!

I will be dropping off my holiday box shortly


Mine should be delivered today!

My Santa had a hard task with as much time as I spend in his backyard, but he killed it.