US Secret Santa

Anyone out there interested in a US based Secret Santa? I would be happy to organize. If you’re interested, respond here and we will figure out the details. Assume a standard $55 box.

Sure why not.

Just one huh? Santa used to be an institution here!

I’d be in.

Me too

I’ll give it to Saturday and then send out pairings. That work for folks?



@trapped are you also in the NYC area? If so, it’s gonna make these pairings easy…

Yes I am

Not sure if it makes much sense for NY based trapped to ship to me… who is also in NY…

Christ… three of you are NY?

I thought wchesser was in Denver? At least his profile says so.

I’m in Denver

Just lemme know who I’m paired with not sure if the NYC guys were thinking they’d do an IP or if the idea was they’d each get a non-NYC, but I’m game either way! People may not be secret but we can keep the beers that way at least.

I had thought I’d be paired with one of the two non-NYC residents.

Yeah, we should switch this around!

Who knew Santa worked this hard? Alright lets try this again; send to the person below you no later than 6Jan. Remember the limit is $55.

Given that I am at the bottom, I will send to the first person.


Merry Christmas all!

Isn’t this the same issue of two NYC people stacked?

Fixed. I’m an idiot.

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