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US states hard to get

I guess some of us try to get at least one beer from each state in the US. Which are the hardest one or impossible to find in Europe? I have visited USA twice (one as a RateBeerian) but are still missing:
New Mexico
North Dakota
South Dakota
West Virginia

Most of those are hard to get in the US as well. Distribution in United States is weird/dumb due to laws and other things. I’ve been to all of giur list except Idaho and still not at 10 of each. This is what I need to get 10

I would think Louisiana would be doable for you Abita fairly well distributed. Any Louisiana style restaurants in England?

Iowa should be doable, as Toppling Goliath has been to European festivals. I think the first time I had it was at MBCC in 2017.

South Dakota is near impossible, even in the US.

They are hard to find in Europe I currently miss from these:

I ordered a couple of Drekker (North Dakota) and a Toppling Goliath (Iowa) from La Bierotheque in Toulouse last year. Also seen Toppling Goliath in BrewDog, but it’s rare.

I’ve seen a couple New Jerseys pop up from time to time but I so far I haven’t moved quickly enough.

Arkansas and South Dakota are difficult even in the US.

Almost 20 years in and I am still missing the Dakotas and Wyoming!

From Nilsas list these are easily to get from webshops in Europe:

Nevada: Revision
New Jersey: Brix City
North Dakota: Drekker
Tennessee: Von Zeits/Bearded Iris
Utah: Epic
Louisiana: Abita has been available at least

IMO most hard to get in Europe is… Kansas. I have seen only one can, at Ratebeer Summer Gathering at Tallinn thanks to trvlr!


Yes… well, US BBQ places anyway. However if they do anything other than standard macro keg it’ll be something like Sierra Nevada or Blue Ribbon. Unlike the US very few restraunts in the UK will stock craft, other than bottles of Brewdog.

One good source is of course GBBF, the US bar and bottleshop. My 7 New Mexico ticks and 2 Nebraska are all from there. Maine too, I think.

I’ve got relatives in Georgia but they’ve not been over since I joined Ratebeer. When I got married my cousin went to some Atlanta bottleshops but couldn’t find any of the Protz 300 ticks I was after.

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I spend around two months each year in Southern California and I am still 4 States short of the full set; Arkansas, Mississippi, South Dakota and West Virginia. It’s not from want of trying, they just are not available even in specialist beer stores or ‘Craft Beer’ Bars.

I might try mail order on my next visit (Covid willing) but even that is difficult with the alcohol laws each state implements.


I have to admit, I’m a bit lethargic. Just checked my “private lists” and found 2 beers from Abita and 6 Toppling Goliath. Not missing Louisiana and Iowa…

I was stuck on 45 until I did a great trade (for me) which secured the last six:

New Mexico
South Dakota
West Virginia

This would be a good thread to keep going for ‘spotting’ rare state beers. I got my Wyoming beers from a tip on RB. I wouldn’t mind a UK version.

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One tip: Montana state tick was available at “beer republic”, Mountains Walking Brewery or something…

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Norwegian state monopoly bottle shop (Beers above 4.7%)


Tennessee: TailGate’s beers are pretty widely available in the UK so would have thought also in the EU.


Keep your eyes open for Drekker and Melvin.

On beerizer you can search and filter some European online shops. You can select US states as well.

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