USA Gluten Free Breweries map

Interesting to see there are quite afew now, have only seen Ghostfish here in the UK myself

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There is whole section next to non-alcoholic brews at my local. I skip that isle for most part.

This is missing Departed Soles and Bellafonte (which is mostly gluten reduced).

A rates a rate!

I’m not sure Departed Soles counts as a dedicated Gluten Free brewery with a strap-line on their website of "“Crafting #DefinitelyNotGlutenFree & Gluten Free Beer since 2015” i.e. it’s not all Gluten Free beers in their range.

Bellafonte only looks to have a gluten reduced beer in their range with their Session NEIPA, so isn’t dedicated to all gluten free beers “Our Session NEIPA has reduced gluten but full flavor from El Dorado Hops!”

As long as gluten free doesn’t become a style of some sort I’m good, still need bunch of NA beers to get to 20 of each. I will grab a gluten free on occasion for new brewery tick. Ghost fish wasn’t too bad.